May 2016

The Birth of The Idea of Carblee

The idea of Carblee came into being when Zsolt Kun, our Product Owner, was working as an Inbound Marketing Specialist with multiple car dealers in Hungary. He felt that the automotive industry was at a crossroads. Nowadays, consumers exploit digital channels for researching and buying products. However, statistics show that a user’s journey to buying a new car can takes an average of 4 months. Therefore, Zsolt believed there was a dire need to invest in tools and platforms that provide better user experience, and address problems with current solutions.

End of 2019

Launch of MMP

Launch of MMP in Hungary with all must-have functionality for new-car buyers to be able to get the best offers from their local dealers. In the first iteration of the MMP, users can request offers on 5 of the top-selling makes available in Hungary.

Mid 2020

Launch of Carblee Dealers

Carblee Dealers will help dealers reach new-car buyers, who start their journeys online, like never before.

Early 2021

Carblee Expands to New Countries

Carblee is set out to expand its services to other countries in Europe, driving its new-car buying solutions to users abroad.


Continue growing and improving.